Fertility the Way Nature Intended

The Amazon Fertility Program only uses natural products to strengthen and rebalance your body. Fertility is a natural function of a healthy and balanced body.


Nature is God's pharmacy. Hippocrates said "Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. "


The Amazon Fertility Program uses only the finest ingredients selected using Antonia's esoteric knowledge of plant anatony. Using shamanic techniques she communicates with the "Plant Spirit" to increase the potency of our herbal formulas.


We are your support team on your journey to parenthood. We are only ever a phone call away. Using our extensive experience with thousands of satisfied clients we are able to guide and support you through the difficult times.

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The Amazon Fertility Program has helped thousands of clients conceive healthy children, often when all other approaches had failed. Read some of our Facebook Reviews by clicking on the icon above.

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Welcome to Fertility Clinic Melbourne, one of the oldest natural fertility clinics not only in Melbourne but in Australia.

Since 1990 the Amazon Fertility Program has assisted thousand of couples conceive healthy babies, often when all other approaches had failed.

Our natural fertility program can be used both to conceive naturally or to provide IVF support.

At Fertility Clinic Melbourne our primary focus is to re-balance and strengthen your body to support conception and a healthy pregnancy. We also offer a one stop holistic service to address your mental and emotional needs as past trauma and limiting beliefs adopted in early childhood can contribute to reducing your fertility.

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Amazonian Herbs to Enhance Fertility – Podcast with Antonia Ruhl

Herbs to enhance fertility are widely used with great success. But what about Amazonian herbs to enhance fertility? In this great podcast interview with Antonia Rulh you’ll learn about Amazonian herbal medicine and what a treasure trove it is. Antonia comes from Brazil where she was initiated as a tribal medicine woman at a young age. She is most well known for her Amazon Fertility Program with which she was able to help many women who were of advanced age for fertility, get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Some were even menopausal and had stopped menstruating . The oldest woman Antonia was able to help was 50 years old.

Antonia uses Amazonian herbs to enhance fertility in men and women. Her treatment especially focuses on the men and she explains why this is important from the traditional Amazonian healing tradition.

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Antonia Ruhl

Antonia Ruhl


Antonia was trained as a Shaman and initiated as a Tribal Medicine Woman. She has extensive esoteric knowledge of the healing properties of plants and energetic techniques to rebalance our natural state of health.

Lia Mills

Lia Mills

Naturopath & Herbalist

Lia is a very knowledgeable naturopath and herbalist. She has worked with Antonia for many years and she is intimately aware of all aspects of the Amazon Fertility Program.

Klaus Ruhl

Klaus Ruhl

Hypnotherapist & NLP & Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner.

Klaus provides mental and emotional support by assisting clients in releasing past trauma and limiting beliefs that are making it difficult for them to conceive.


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